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Brother Pierre's Page

Last Revision on Mon, 9th Apr 2007 at 15:13 by Adam

===Brother Pierre's Page===

Ah ello there, I am the handsome Brother Pierre-Patrice, or as the ladies call me 'Oh yes yes!'
I come from Lille and found true love in the Blue Lady after that awful thing know as the
Cataclysm, or something.
Most of my estate was desimated by the Cataclysm, yet we were able to save a good degree
of our wine! As for poor Brother Louy...he is in our prayers now.

It was hard at first for me to dedicate my life to the Blue Lady and consign myself to a life
of selflessness, as it used to be very much a life of selflishness, and no sex before marriage;
well, don't panic ladies, I can perform quick weddings...and even quicker divorces!
Secre Blu!

I am known among the Order as a very brave Knight, dashing and handsome with no fear of
man nor beast. Always ready to lay down my life for the greater good, to go to any and all
extremes to rescue any young damsel, to go that extra length to aquire some good ale for my
brothers and sisters, to keep up a tidy appearance, and to never fight during a heavy rain
shower as it makes one's hair flat. Alor!


My latest adventure was on the fine afternoon of 1.04.1107. It was a very warm day, and yes
I was sweating a little. We were asked to go have a look at an eroneous transport circle that
was said to be birthing nasty griblies. Of course we leapt at the chance and were the first to
arrive at the evil site, a barren wasteland where low fog brushed the dead earth. Soon a horde
of griblies spewed fourth and attacked us, but between myself and Brother Maurice we managed
to vanquish all of the evil doers single handedly, winning the hearts of all the ladies that beheld
our valour. I was married; then 17.5 minutes later...divorced! Alor!!!
We were informed that a band of bandits had then stolen a cart of fine ale, so we decided to
mount a daring raid on the bandit's encampment posing as traders...or was it a daring raid posing
as a raiding party?
In the process of our daring raid, I was tricked by a beautiful gypsy girl whom hypnotized me and
stole my silver sword, merct!

Our next adventure will be coming soon, no doubt, as the life of a Knight of the Blue Lady is
never dull.


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